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More than 20 years ago, the two founders of CYCCESS had the vision of creating the most reliable training system ever. A training system based on high-precision and exact calculations, but at the same time it is so simple everyone can use it. Harald Pernitsch’s extraordinary sports science know-how and Thomas Schliernzauer’s ingenious technical implementation have made it possible to realise this vision over many development stages.


With CYCCESS it has been possible to implement the 1st Closed-Loop-System in sports. Cybernetic means “the art of controlling”. With the CYCCESS technology we control your training in a closed loop and bring you on the best path, step by step to your goal.


CYCCESS is a highly specialised measuring technique to record muscle performance and movement quality. The unique diagnostic system enables the exact determination of your load capacity and optimal training area and calculates automatically your individual training.

A perfect synergy of sport, science and technology with an incredible success rate!

We are proud of every single person we have helped with our system on the way to achieve their goals. Whether it was the great successes of the many Olympic or world championship medals and winners or the successes of elderly people who wanted to become even fitter, to lose a few kilos or to run a marathon – for us every person matters equally.

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Our partners

  • BASPO Magglingen
  • Zug Cantonal Hospital
  • Medbase St. Gallen
  • Medbase Winterthur
  • Medbase Bern – Westside
  • FC Bayern Munich
  • IMSB Austria
  • Christian Doppler Laboratory Rief
  • Medbase Abtwil
  • Medbase Thun
  • Austrian Ski Association
  • German Ski Association
  • Olympic Training Center of Bavaria
  • University of Innsbruck
  • Swiss Olympic Medical Center Bad Ragaz
  • Hôpital Fribourgeois
  • NLZ Styria
  • Lucerne Cantonal Hospital
  • National Training Centre Einsiedeln
  • Crossklink Basel
  • Rehabilitation Centre Leukerbad
  • Ski school Stams
  • Olympic Centre Vorarlberg
  • Red Bull competitive sport
  • Practice clinic Rehnbahn Muttenz
  • Hospital SRO Huttwil
  • Spitalzentrum Biel AG
  • Balgrist Move > Med swiss olympic medical center Zurich
  • SHS Schladming
  • Olympic training center Thuringia
  • Czech Ski Association
  • Slovenian Ski Association
  • Austrian Ruder Federation
  • Hirslanden Clinic Zurich
  • Schulthess Clinic Zurich
  • FC Zurich
  • Hinterstoder regional young talent centre
  • Saxony Ski Association
  • Norwegian Ski Association
  • STKZ Weinburg
  • Olympiatoppen Trondheim
  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences
  • Clinique romande de réadaptation Sion
  • Hôpital Orthopédique Lausanne
  • Swiss Ski Federation
  • Swiss Paraplegics Centre
  • NAZ Eisenerz
  • Olympic Centre Upper Austria
  • ISW Freiburg
  • Russian Ski Association
  • Romanian Ski Federation
  • Olympic Centre Carinthia